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When con­sid­er­ing a board­ing fa­cil­ity’s lo­ca­tion, pay at­ten­tion to the roads you’ll need to take to get there. A trip that re­quires 20 min­utes at off-peak times may take twice as long at rush hour if you’re trav­el­ing over ma­jor traf­fic ar­ter­ies. When will you most likely be driv­ing to the barn? Will you go straight from the office or head home first? Re­search the traf­fic you’ll most likely en­counter in those lo­ca­tions and at those times. Also con­sider how far the board­ing barn is from your rid­ing bud­dies, the places where you reg­u­larly ride and your pre­ferred show or event venues. You don’t want to feel iso­lated from the rest of your rid­ing com­mu­nity.

With this in mind, you can likely rule out some op­tions. Then, once you’ve ze­roed in on a par­tic­u­lar fa­cil­ity, do a few trial runs---driv­ing from your usual start­ing points (home or office) to the barn dur­ing dif­fer­ent times of day--to see first­hand how that lo­ca­tion

will work for you.

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