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While the ad­vice in this ar­ti­cle fo­cuses on sit­u­a­tions where horses re­ceive their meals in in­di­vid­ual stalls, I re­al­ize that many field-kept horses are fed in large groups while still out­doors. If you choose that method, any ag­gres­sive meal­time be­hav­iors will af­fect herd­mates much more so than peo­ple. But it doesn’t make them less prob­lem­atic. Lower-rank­ing horses will quickly learn to give a wide berth to dom­i­nant an­i­mals at meal­times, miss­ing out on food in the process. If your field-fed dom­i­nant horses are pick­ing up weight while oth­ers are on the slim side, it’s time to mod­ify your field-feed­ing method. Here are few tech­niques you can try:

• Re­move the most dom­i­nant, or least dom­i­nant, herd mem­bers at each meal and feed them sep­a­rately.

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