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Ethan Allen 2nd (1877), was one of the most im­por­tant and in­flu­en­tial horses in the Mor­gan breed. This son of the Peters Mor­gan came out of a mare owned by Stephen Dow trac­ing to Black Hawk and Sher­man Mor­gan, with an­other line to Woodbury. This snap­shot of the horse is a far bet­ter like­ness of him than other at­trib­uted por­traits, and it shows his size, which was less than 14:2 hands. None­the­less this is a pow­er­ful and smoothly con­formed an­i­mal, sim­i­lar to his sire, show­ing snappy trot ac­tion even as an older horse (he was at least 18 years old when this photo was taken). One can­not help but be im­pressed by the short back, beau­ti­ful cou­pling, deep shoul­der, arched neck and per­fectly formed hindquar­ters. Big things some­times come in small pack­ages; pre­fer­ring large horses, es­pe­cially for rid­ing, is usu­ally a mis­take. ETHAN ALLEN 2ND

C d Pi (1890) b Eth All 2d out of Doll (not Dolly the dam of Young Green Moun­tain). Doll was grand­daugh­ter of Ethan Allen (1849)—about whom we will be hear­ing much more in an up­com­ing in­stall­ment. She also traces to all three ma­jor Fig­ure sons, Sher­man Mor­gan,

Head­light Mor­gan (1893) is by Ethan Allen 2nd, out of Lady Strat­ton, who traces to Woodbury Mor­gan and the orig­i­nal Billy Root (1829), a son of Sher­man Mor­gan. Much like Croy­don Prince, Head­light shows ex­cel­lent legs, shoul­der and neck, and if any­thing even more pow­er­ful haunches. The rider in this photo is the fa­mous por­traitist of the Mor­gan and Amer­i­can Sad­dle­bred horse, Ge­orge Ford Mor­ris. CROY­DON PRINCE Bul­rush Mor­gan and Woodbury Mor­gan. The Mor­gan con­tri­bu­tion is very ev­i­dent in Croy­don Prince, an­other beau­ti­ful stal­lion who mer­its an “A” rat­ing de­spite the some­what tubu­lar body. His back is, how­ever, strongly cou­pled and broad across the loins, with a spec­tac­u­lar b t dl th pretty and well-set, the haunches are of per­fect shape, and the legs rate an “A+” both for sub­stance and for struc­ture. The head is beau­ti­ful and no­ble and the ex­pres­sion alert, kind and in­tel­li­gent. HEAD­LIGHT MOR­GAN

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