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One win­ter evening I was at the gate, ready to bring the horses in for the night. In­stead of com­ing to me, they trot­ted way up into the field and looked at some­thing in the woods. So I looked, mir­ror­ing what they were do­ing but not see­ing much. Then my eye caught some move­ment low along the ground. It was a large gray owl. We all watched un­til it drew up and landed in a tree. I could have been an­noyed by their an­tics while I was stand­ing at the gate—it was cold and time to bring them in—in­stead I chose to do what they were do­ing and slip­streamed into their world for a mo­ment.

An­other day, this time in sum­mer, I went out to weed the gar­den in a ball cap in­stead of my usual straw hat. My mare came over and was very ob­vi­ously look­ing at the cap. I don’t re­ally know why— maybe I re­minded her of some­one else or maybe she was notic­ing a dif­fer­ent de­tail in her en­vi­ron­ment (a de­tail that hap­pened to be on my head). She looked at the cap with con­cen­tra­tion for a few sec­onds and then, as if catch­ing her­self be­ing rude, looked off to one side. So, of course, I looked to that side, too. I wanted her to know I saw the ges­ture. Then she dropped her head, licked and chewed. I did too. It was a sweet, still mo­ment in my day.

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