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EQUES­Trian cards are a fun, easy way to in­crease, main­tain or ver­ify your horse knowl­edge. Even if this isn’t your first rodeo and you’ve been around the ring and down the trail many times be­fore, you never stop learn­ing. Im­prove your horse­man­ship by in­creas­ing your knowl­edge in a way that helps you learn prac­ti­cal horse facts as you chal­lenge your­self or play with friends. EQUES­Trian Cards will pique your in­ter­est and ex­pand your knowl­edge whether you are a ner­vous walk/ trot­ter, a sea­soned eques­trian or an in­sa­tiable hip­pophile.

Decks 1-6 con­tain 600 thor­oughly re­searched ques­tions about prac­ti­cal horse knowl­edge, with an­swers on the back. Deck 7 is Equine Sports Trivia. You won’t hear the win­ners say “It’s only a game.” What do you know about these 12 equine sports? More than 100 ques­tions ex­plore Com­bined Driv­ing, Cow­boy Mounted Shoot­ing, En­durance Rid­ing, Fox­hunt­ing, Polo, Polocrosse, Rein­ing, Ride & Tie, Rodeo, Ski Jor­ing, Sta­dium Jump­ing and Vault­ing. Then put what you learned to the test in the BONUS Ex­pert sec­tion.

Seven decks com­plete the set, $15.95/deck or $95/set + S&H. Buy the en­tire set, and be ready to be bril­liant! www.EquestCard­s.com

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