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The only vac­cine cur­rently avail­able to pro­tect horses from lep­tospiro­sis re­cently re­ceived ad­di­tional ap­proval from the U.S. Food and Drug Ad­min­is­tra­tion for use in mares in all three trimesters of preg­nancy.

Lepto EQ In­no­va­tor, which is pro­duced by Zoetis, was in­tro­duced last year but at that time was only ap­proved for use in horses six months and older. More re­search was re­quired to con­firm the vac­cine’s safety and ef­fi­cacy for preg­nant mares.

“The ad­di­tional field safety study in first and third trimester mares was con­ducted fol­low­ing the launch of Lepto EQ In­no­va­tor to pro­vide ve­teri­nar­i­ans and horse own­ers con­fi­dence in the vac­cine across all phases of preg­nancy,” ex­plained Jac­quelin Boggs, DVM, MS,

DACVIM, se­nior ve­teri­nar­ian, Equine Tech­ni­cal Ser­vices in a state­ment from Zoetis.

Lep­tospiro­sis is caused by sev­eral types of Lep­tospira bac­te­ria. In North Amer­ica, the or­gan­ism Lep­tospira in­ter­ro­gans serovar Pomona, (L. Pomona) is most of­ten as­so­ci­ated with dis­ease in horses, caus­ing sep­ticemia0, uveitis0, kid­ney dis­ease and abor­tion. The in­fec­tion is ac­quired by ex­po­sure to wa­ter or soil con­tam­i­nated with the bac­te­ria via the urine of in­fected horses, cat­tle or wildlife.

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