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Ice and snow are com­mon win­ter foot­ing con­cerns, but mud can be just as treach­er­ous for your horse this sea­son.

For starters, there is the risk of slip­ping in slick, shal­low mud. Left to choose his own speed, how­ever, a horse can typ­i­cally nav­i­gate such ter­rain safely. So don’t worry too much about slip­ping risk dur­ing turnout and let your horse choose his own pace when you en­counter muddy foot­ing dur­ing a ride.

The big­ger con­cern is deep, thick, “suck­ing” mud that seems to pull hooves and legs into its depths. The force it takes to pull a foot free with each step can lead to lost shoes, pulled ten­dons and over­reach in­juries as a horse lurches for­ward to es­cape its hold. If an area of mud is deep enough

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