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It’s the morn­ing of a clinic with a big-name trainer and your horse greets you with a bright green ma­nure stain on his rump. It’s too cold to bathe him, but you can’t show up like this. It’s time to try hot tow­el­ing---a time-tested groom­ing tech­nique that can pro­duce bath­like re­sults, even in the dead of win­ter. Here’s a quick how-to: 1. Gather a clean bucket, elec­tric teaket­tle, rub­ber dish-wash­ing gloves and a stack of clean tow­els. Smaller, hand-size or dish tow­els make the process a bit eas­ier than us­ing bath or beach tow­els.

2. Mix boil­ing water from the ket­tle with water from the tap to fill the bucket

with water so hot that you can just stand to put your gloved hand into it.

3. Dunk the en­tire clean towel (or a sec­tion of it if you are us­ing a large towel) into the hot water.

4. Wring the towel thor­oughly to re­move as much of the water as you can.

5. Be­fore the towel cools down, briskly rub the stain on your horse. Stop rub­bing once the towel stops steam­ing.

6. Dunk the en­tire towel again, or a new sec­tion of the large towel, and re­peat steps 4 and 5 un­til the stain is gone.

The moist heat and rub­bing ac­tion of the towel will help lift the stain out, but the quick evap­o­ra­tion of the water will keep the horse from be­com­ing soaked or chilled. If you will be hot tow­el­ing a large sec­tion of your horse, cover the cleaned sec­tion with a cooler as you work. Avoid brush­ing damp ar­eas with a dirty brush or you will just push dirt off the brush back onto your clean horse.

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