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• Don’t kick to go. If kick­ing was a good

for­ward cue jock­eys would do it. • Don’t work to go or main­tain the gait— you don’t want to take re­spon­si­bil­ity for for­ward mo­tion. • Don’t use a crop with one big tap; in­stead use it to build pres­sure and re­lease when the horse com­plies. • Go in long, straight lines rather than

cir­cles. • Ask only for a short burst of speed,

then let the horse alone for a minute. • Get pur­pose! Do some­thing that opens your horse’s mind up and causes him to look where he is go­ing and en­gage in an ac­tiv­ity. Go out on a trail, fol­low a cow or add some fun chal­lenges in your arena.

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