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nsulin re­sis­tance has long been linked to laminitis, a po­ten­tially dev­as­tat­ing in­flam­ma­tory con­di­tion of the hoof. In­sulin, a hor­mone pro­duced by the pan­creas, en­ables the body’s cells to uti­lize sugar (glu­cose), their pri­mary source of fuel. When re­sis­tance de­vel­ops, how­ever, cells stop re­spond­ing to in­sulin and the re­sult­ing rise in the hor­mone’s lev­els in the blood can lead to laminitis. Now, research shows that even when the horse’s body re­acts nor­mally to in­sulin, the horm less a that leads to laminitis. These find­ings may not only in the terms used to tion­ship be­tween ins but will also ha the di­ag­nosi of at-risk hor

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