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Q:Which of the fol­low­ing is not a term used to de­scribe a horse color pat­tern?

a. rabi­cano

b. to­biano

c. radic­chio

d. overo

c. Radic­chio is a red-col­ored, bit­ter, leafy veg­etable of­ten found in salad mixes. Rabi­cano refers to a lim­ited roan­ing pat­tern where the white hairs are con­fined to the base of the tail and the flanks. To­biano is a pinto pat­tern in which the white patches have dis­tinct, sharp edges and typ­i­cally cross the topline of the horse. Overo horses are less com­mon, with ragged edges to the white spots, which tend to oc­cur on the sides of the body, rather than cross­ing the topline.

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