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type less than 15 hands tall, prob­a­bly be­long­ing to some­one on Gen. Meade’s staff. The horse wears a hal­ter un­der the bri­dle; the lead strap goes off to the left side and Pinkerton is hold­ing it along with the snaf­fle reins. The curb reins have been knot­ted and laid upon the mane. Note how in­ex­pertly Pinkerton holds the reins; the right snaf­fle rein is hung up on a hank of mane and is twisted with the curb rein. In an ar­range­ment nor­mal to some forms of har­ness but very rare on a rid­ing horse, the snaf­fle reins have been run not through a martin­gale com­ing up from be­low but through rings upon straps hang­ing down­ward from the hal­ter. The bri­dle has not been ad­justed prop­erly; the bit (a rarely seen Pel­ham) lies very low in the horse’s mouth. One won­ders if the idea to photograph Pinkerton on horse­back might have been hastily ar­ranged or even done as a joke.

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