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Ear­lier this year the Na­tional An­i­mal Health Mon­i­tor­ing Sys­tem re­leased the first re­port from its 2015 study, "Base­line Ref­er­ence of Equine Health and Man­age­ment in the United States 2015." Data for the study was col­lected through in­ter­views and sur­veys con­ducted in 28 states, cho­sen in part be­cause of the size and den­sity of their equine pop­u­la­tions. In all, 3,997 ran­domly se­lected equine op­er­a­tions par­tic­i­pated in the study, and 71.6 per­cent of equids (horses, mules, don­keys) liv­ing in the United States were rep­re­sented. For a link to the full study data, visit www.equ­us­magazine, PER­CENT OF OP­ER­A­TIONS BY RE­GION THAT DIS­POSED OF MA­NURE US­ING THE METH­ODS LISTED IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS

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