Over­com­ing well drilling woes

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I read “Dig­ging Deeper” (Start­ing From Scratch, EQUUS 478) with in­ter­est. We bought a prop­erty with a well. How­ever, we didn’t know it was a 40-foot-deep sand pit well. We found out soon enough that you couldn’t water the garden and fill a horse trough with­out run­ning it dry. Every time we used it, we would have to wait an hour be­fore we could use it again.

So we drilled a new well. To get one that would pro­vide suf­fi­cient water, we had to drill to 610 feet. And that was not all. At about 100 feet down we hit a mi­ne­shaft. Spe­cial cas­ing and pack­ing had to be used for an ad­di­tional $3,000 on top of the per foot price of the well. Then the water was so rusty it came up vis­i­bly red. So $6,000 of water pu­rifi­ca­tion later, we ac­tu­ally had water to use. JoAnn Drinkwa­ter Coal City, Illi­nois

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