One ap­proach to eye med­i­ca­tions

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“On Guard Against Eye In­juries” (EQUUS 476) was very in­for­ma­tive. I smiled when I read the side­bar about the dif­fi­cul­ties of ad­min­is­ter­ing eye med­i­ca­tions be­cause I found that clicker train­ing makes the process al­most easy. When eye meds are re­quired for my horses, they quickly fall into the rou­tine---hal­ter on, get a treat, eye oint­ment in, get a treat, eye drop (if re­quired), one more treat. They stand pa­tiently and al­most of­fer up their eye for treat­ment.

I had one horse who needed to be dosed every two hours around the clock. He would come to the fence when the out­side lights came on at night. He was very food mo­ti­vated. My treat of choice is a heap­ing ta­ble­spoon of al­falfa pel­lets. Michelle McCord Deatsville, Alabama

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