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De­spite your best ef­forts, a blown tire can still oc­cur for rea­sons be­yond your con­trol. When that hap­pens, you’ll want to have on hand the tools needed to fix or change the tire as quickly as pos­si­ble so you can be on your way:

•a jack or ramp that can safely sup­port the weight of your loaded trailer. “I fa­vor a ton bot­tle jack over other jack­ing or rais­ing op­tions,” says Rick Barnes, of Barnes Tire and Ser­vice #en­ter Pros “Some of the other jack­ing op­tions are not equipped to han­dle the weight of a loaded trailer.”

! ramp such as a Trailer-Aid, works well for tan­dem aX let rai le rs9ou sim­ply back or pull the good tire up onto the ramp which leaves the flat sus­pended so it can be changed.

“This is a very sim­ple way to lift a flat tire off the ground with­out hav­ing to insert a jack and crank the trailer up ” says Tom Scheve of Equispirit Trail­ers. They are avail­able for both rub­ber tor­sion and leaf spring axles and will sup­port a weight up to 15,000 pounds.

What­ever tool you choose make sure it is rated to han­dle the weight of your loaded trailer, and test it at home with and with­out your horses on board to make sure it will work for you.

• spray on lu­bri­cant such as WD-40

• wheel chocks to se­cure the op­po­site wheels • a lug wrench •li Quid tire sealant • a tire gauge • a por­ta­ble air com­pres­sor that can be plugged into your tow ve­hi­cle’s DC adap­tor.

•a pow­er­ful flash­light or an L %$ lamp that can be plugged into your tow ve­hi­cle’s power

• or­ange cones tri­an­gles flares or other emer­gency mark­ers for vis­i­bil­ity! re­flec­tive vest is also a good idea.

If you do not have the

up­per body strength to op­er­ate a stan­dard lug wrench, con­sider adding a breaker bar for ex­tra lever­age or a bat­tery­pow­ered im­pact wrench to help you re­move the lug nuts 9ou may also want to in­clude a change of clothes (or a cov­er­all), an old towel or some­thing sim­i­lar to kneel on as you work, and sturdy gloves.

Fi­nally, for greater peace of mind many horse own­ers sign onto ser­vices that of­fer road­side as­sis­tance for trail­ers. For eX­am­ple USRider of­fers mo­tor plans spe­cially de­signed for eques­tri­ans, and other ser­vices are avail­able that of­fer aid to any­one with a trailer.

PREPA­RA­TION: A well­stocked tool kit can help you han­dle blown tires and other mishaps.

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