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With dou­bleaxle trail­ers, it’s im­por­tant to run with the trailer as level as pos­si­ble in or­der to dis­trib­ute weight evenly over all four tires. “The axles need to work to­gether,” says Tom Scheve, co-author of The Com­plete Guide to Buy­ing, Main­tain­ing, and Ser­vic­ing a Horse Trailer. “If you start to lift up or drop down on one end, you are go­ing to over­weight one axle, and es­pe­cially the tires.” The added pres­sure will cause heat and in­crease the risk of a blowout.

To check, first top up the tires to the rec­om­mend psi, and park your loaded rig on flat, level pave­ment. Then, mea­sure the dis­tance from the frame of the trailer to the ground at both the front and rear. If the mea­sure­ments are not nearly equal, then you may need to ad­just the height of your hitch. Scheve also sug­gests stand­ing back and look­ing over the tires. “Make sure they are both flat at the bot­tom,” he says. “If one is rounder and one is flat­ter, then they are not evenly weighted.”

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