EQUUS - - Eq Handson I -

Q: Pain in which of the fol­low­ing ar­eas can make it dif­fi­cult for a horse to stand up af­ter ly­ing down? a. the forefeet b. the hock c. the neck d. any of the above

d. Pain in any of these ar­eas can make it hard for a horse to get to his feet. be­fore he rises, a horse stretches out his fore­limbs and lifts his shoul­ders, putting weight on both front hooves. then, he must flex his hocks un­der­neath him­self to gain lever­age to lift his hindquar­ters. fi­nally, he throws his neck down and for­ward to cre­ate mo­men­tum to heave his body up­ward.

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