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Whether they’re on a porch or dec­o­rat­ing a jump course, pump­kins are a ubiq­ui­tous dec­o­ra­tion this time of year. They can also serve an­other pur­pose— treats for horses.

Pump­kins are about 90 per­cent wa­ter and have a sweet taste that many horses like. Stick with pump­kins sold for carv­ing and pies and don’t branch out into any ex­otic gourds, which may not be safe for horses. Don’t feed jack-o’-lanterns; they be­gin to de­cay as soon as they are carved, mak­ing them un­suit­able treats

As with any treat, cut pump­kin into small pieces to avoid choke and don’t feed them to horses who may have trou­ble chew­ing. Pump­kins aren’t toxic, but it’s still wise to limit your horse to about two cups per day to avoid in­testi­nal up­set from the un­fa­mil­iar treat.

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