Wasp sea­son

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Thank you for the good ar­ti­cle on wasps be­ing preva­lent in the au­tumn (“Watch Out for Wasps,” Hands On, EQUUS 481). The one rec­om­men­da­tion I would add is to stick to the marked trails. We have only en­coun­tered an­gry bees and wasps when we are blaz­ing our own trails this time of year.

My boarder and her Welsh pony parted ways just this week when they ran into a swarm in our woods. The smart pony ran right back to the barn. Other than be­ing fright­ened, she ap­peared fine. My boarder and her dog were not so lucky---both were stung sev­eral times. She had gone off-trail to check out a dry creek bed. Luck­ily, no one was se­ri­ously hurt, and she learned why we never go off-trail in the au­tumn. Deb Wood­worth Lodi, Wis­con­sin

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