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“Stand­ing Firm” (Back Page, EQUUS 486) brought back a mem­ory of my beloved Ap­paloosa, Domino. He was my dear friend and com­pan­ion for many years, and he will­ingly went every­where I di­rected---ex­cept this one time.

I had been rid­ing with a buddy as we crossed the San Jac­into River in Mont­gomery County, Texas. The trip over was no prob­lem, but the re­turn be­came a night­mare. When we came to the place I wanted to cross, Domino re­fused. I was very sur­prised. He had never re­fused to go any­where be­fore.

I in­sisted, and even­tu­ally he did start to cross. Im­me­di­ately, he sank half­way up his shoul­ders into quick­sand. I had to jump off his back be­fore he sank any deeper.

Domino didn’t panic or thrash about. He just stood there in the quick­sand and looked at me as if to say, “You got me into this mess. How are you go­ing to get me out?”

There wasn’t much I could do to help him. We didn’t have any ropes and help was hours away. I had to hope he could work his way out on his own. Thank­fully, that calm old man slowly walked his way out. I was still shak­ing when he came over to me and gave me a loving nudge as if to say, “It’s OK, I for­give you.” I never failed to lis­ten to him again. If he re­fused or hes­i­tated, there was a darn good rea­son.

Domino passed away four years ago this past Septem­ber. I still miss him. Lynda Ed­wards Mont­gomery, Texas

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