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Reg­u­lar groom­ing not only makes a horse shine, it pro­motes equine health and well­be­ing. Con­sider adding these in­no­va­tive prod­ucts to your rou­tine.

de­liv­ers a healthy shine and de­tan­gling that keeps your horse look­ing his best and helps make groom­ing easy. It is also rec­om­mended for use be­fore clip­ping and be­fore turnout to help your groom­ing ef­forts last longer. ShowSheen¨ con­tains provi­ta­mins to nour­ish hair; silk pro­teins to pro­mote stronger, longer hair; and light scents of calm­ing jasmine and sooth­ing san­dal­wood.

Far­nam¨ Grand Cham­pion™ Fly Re­pel­lent

A two-in-one prod­uct, Far­nam¨ Grand Cham­pion™ Fly Re­pel­lent kills and re­pels flies, mos­qui­toes and gnats while adding a lus­trous, show-ring shine. Whether you’re in the show arena, train­ing at home or en­joy­ing time on the trail, you don’t need bit­ing and ir­ri­tat­ing in­sects dis­tract­ing your horse and ru­in­ing your ride. Far­nam Grand Cham­pion ac­com­plishes two tasks at once. Think of it as a high-end coat con­di­tioner that sends flies, mos­qui­toes and gnats pack­ing. The unique, con­tin­u­ous-spray ap­pli­ca­tor comes in a prac­ti­cal 15 oz. size and pro­vides even, con­trolled spray­ing at any an­gle. Far­

Shoofly Leg­gins

Shoofly Leg­gins™ can pre­vent painful fly bites and re­duce stress­ful stomp­ing, which can lead to hoof cracks and leg fa­tigue. The breath­able plas­tic mesh can­not be pen­e­trated by deer, horse or horn flies and pre­vents the lay­ing of bot­fly eggs. Shoofly Leg­gins™ fit loosely, so as not to re­strict blood flow or range of mo­tion. They also have sewn-in stays that elim­i­nate sag­ging, heavy-duty Vel­cro clo­sures and felt edg­ing to pre­vent the em­bed­ding of burrs or fox­tails. Shoofly Leg­gins™ are avail­able in three col­ors (gray, blue and or­ange) and five sizes (mini, year­ling, small, medium and large).

Ci­traFoam™ Sul­fate-Free + Foam­ing Horse Sham­poo

What is bet­ter than a lux­u­ri­ous, sul­fate-free sham­poo that is also tear­less? EquiFUSE’s Ci­traFoam™ Sul­fate Free + Foam­ing Sham­poo in­stantly foams, mas­sag­ing the horse’s skin and pro­duc­ing a root-deep clean. This con­cen­trated for­mula is in­fused with d-limonene, an ecofriendl­y com­po­nent of oil ex­tracted from or­anges that neu­tral­izes un­pleas­ant odors while sooth­ing the senses. It re­moves ma­nure and dirt stains with ease. Once dry, the horse’s coat is in­cred­i­bly soft and as­serts a su­pe­rior nat­u­ral shine. Ideal for dry, sen­si­tive skin, manes and tails. Avail­able in 16 oz and 64 oz sizes.; (408) 212-9513

Far­nam¨ Vetrolin¨ with Equiv­eil™ 360¡ Tech­nol­ogy

Vetrolin¨ prod­ucts keep your horse feel­ing great and look­ing good. Whether you’re sooth­ing tired mus­cles or pre­par­ing for a show, you can trust them to de­liver re­sults. Now the aro­matic Lin­i­ment Spray and Shine Spray come with EquiV­eil™ 360¡ tech­nol­ogy for ef­fi­cient ap­pli­ca­tion at any an­gle. Vetrolin¨ Lin­i­ment Spray works to re­vi­tal­ize joints and re­lieve in­flam­ma­tion. Vetrolin¨ Shine Spray con­tains vi­ta­min-rich con­di­tion­ers and a high-lus­ter coat pol­ish. Both are avail­able in a new 20-oz., er­gonomic con­tin­u­ous-spray bot­tle that re­leases a silent mist for com­plete coverage. No hand fa­tigue, and it even sprays up­side down. Far­

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