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I just read “A Prob­lem Only Mares Can Have” (Con­sul­tants, EQUUS 490) about the mare with too much wax and dirt build­ing up be­tween her teats. I ap­ply K-Y Jelly, or the generic equiv­a­lent, be­tween my mare’s teats to soften and clean the skin without us­ing any harsh cleanser. It cleans well and lubri­cates the skin so she stays com­fort­able. Linda Clay­ton Owens Cross Roads, Alabama With re­gard to “A Prob­lem Only Mares Can Have,” I was sur­prised about the need to use soap be­tween a mare’s teats. I have two Mor­gan mares who col­lect the smegma-type black goo that can turn to more mixes col­lect thick of­ten. quite faster and The well some­what when dust with from we the are solid. oth­er­wise the on trail It trails tends oily sub­stance, which I al­ways fig­ured was why there is al­ways so much of it. But I’ve been deal­ing with the black goo dif­fer­ently. I just sort of peel it gen­tly from be­tween their teats, mov­ing from one side of the body to the other to get the best an­gle, and al­ways keep­ing my fore­arm pressed against the sti­fle area so I can read­ily feel if one should try to “push” my hand away. The longer I let it ac­cu­mu­late, the chunkier the mix­ture be­comes and the more gen­tle I have to be. Both of my mares quickly got used to me clean­ing the area and one of them seems to truly ap­pre­ci­ate when it’s cleared out. The skin is so ten­der be­tween the teats that it never oc­curred to me to use any­thing on it aside from hos­ing it. My mares are 15 and 17, and I’ve had them all their lives. They’ve never got­ten a sore or de­vel­oped an in­fec­tion or abra­sion be­tween their teats. I clean out the area when­ever I think of it at groom­ing time or of­ten af­ter a ride, usu­ally ev­ery two to four weeks in the spring and sum­mer and less of­ten in the win­ter. Call it a mare “prob­lem” but I think it’s way eas­ier to deal with than sheath clean­ing! Linda Lan­zoni Grass Val­ley, Cal­i­for­nia

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