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A great end-of-sum­mer project is clean­ing your groom­ing brushes. Dis­in­fect­ing brushes oc­ca­sion­ally not only pro­tects the health of your

horse’s skin, but in­creases the longevity of the tools them­selves. Here’s a quick, sim­ple method for get­ting it done:

1. Dis­lodge as much dirt and de­bris as you can by drag­ging a cur­rycomb over the brush bris­tles or rub­bing two brushes to­gether briskly.

2. Dunk each brush into a large bucket of warm wa­ter that con­tains a small squirt of sham­poo or dish­wash­ing liq­uid. (Too much soap in the wa­ter will make the brush hard to rinse.) Swish the brush back and forth in the wa­ter a few times, and make sure it’s clean and the bris­tles are free of dirt. Then rinse it un­der run­ning wa­ter un­til no soap bub­bles are vis­i­ble.

3. Soak the brushes in a so­lu­tion of a half cup of bleach to one gal­lon of wa­ter for 10 min­utes.

4. Re­move the brushes and set them in di­rect sun­light to dry.

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