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Texas ranger Ira Aten poses on a Plains Cayuse in 1887. The most in­ter­est­ing fea­tures of his tack and equip­ment are the Bowie knife, pearl-han­dled re­volver, Winch­ester ri­fle and the long tie-rope made of braided hemp. Note the two mo­hair cinches, both done up snug– the rear one is all the way into the horse’s flank, but the an­i­mal does not seem to mind.

Texas ranger Sgt. J.B. Gil­lett rides a “proto Quar­ter Horse” in 1879. Like Roo­sevelt’s mount of the same decade, this is a horse with a lot of Al­sup “Billy” blood. Note the full ar­ma­men­tar­ium, plat­ter-horned Mex­i­can sad­dle with Span­ish wide-tread box stir­rups, and big- O snaf­fle: truly a cre­ole out­fit.

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