The Live Stock Pav­il­ion

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mea­sured 400 by 200 feet. It had tan­bark foot­ing with bleach­ers seat­ing 15,000. There were 64 horse stalls plus ex­ten­sive shedrow pens for sheep, cattle, hogs and goats. A statue rep­re­sent­ing “In­dus­try” cre­ated by sculp­tor Ed­ward Clark Pot­ter and pho­tographed by S.V. Stevens for Wil­liam Henry Jack­son’s il­lus­trated guide to the Fair. This sculp­ture, like al­most all the many oth­ers that were ex­hib­ited, was not cast in me­tal be­cause it was not in­tended to be per­ma­nent. Made from “staff”—a mix­ture of straw and stucco—it could easily be moved. It was weath­er­proofed by be­ing painted in the same off-white shade that dis­tin­guished so many of the Fair build­ings that the venue came to be known as “the White City.”

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