Por­trait of Young Cold Deck (1894):

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I was driven to in­vent the tech­nique for pro­duc­ing this and other color ren­di­tions be­cause many old pho­tos that con­tain im­por­tant con­tent are in such ter­ri­ble shape they can’t be printed. I some­times re­po­si­tion a badly posed horse’s legs, but I oth­er­wise work di­rectly with the orig­i­nal and do not change body con­tours or pro­por­tions. I es­pe­cially avoid paint­ing in mus­cle bulk or “cuts” that make an an­tique Quar­ter Run­ning Horse look like one of the “su­per du­al­lies” we now see in Quar­ter Horse hal­ter com­pe­ti­tion.

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