Over­com­ing foal re­jec­tion

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I read “Foal Re­jec­tion Stud­ied” (Med­i­cal Front, EQUUS 488) with in­ter­est. I had a mare sev­eral years ago who ap­peared to be re­ject­ing her colt. I as­sisted the colt to stand as the mare just lay there moan­ing. Then she seemed afraid of the colt. She would at­tack him when he tried to get close to her.

They were in a field when he was born. I tried leav­ing them alone but watched care­fully. No im­prove­ment. I fi­nally got a twitch and re­strained the mare while the foal searched for milk.

It worked. She let him nurse. But as soon as I re­moved the twitch, she was chas­ing him away again. I twitched her ev­ery 30 min­utes for four hours to let the foal nurse. Fi­nally, af­ter four hours of this rou­tine, she ac­cepted him and be­came a great mother. Name with­held upon re­quest

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