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I re­ceived an ex­fo­li­at­ing mitt in a spa bas­ket for my birth­day this year. I never used it on my­self but dis­cov­ered it made a great curry for my horse’s face, legs, belly and other sen­si­tive ar­eas. — Melissa Sor­gen­son, At­lanta, Ge­or­gia

Send your sug­ges­tions for in­ex­pen­sive horse-care sub­sti­tutes as well as hints for sav­ing ef­fort and time to Hands On, EQUUS, P.O. Box 7510, Falls Church, Vir­ginia 22040; email: EQLet­ters@aim­me­ Sen­ders of pub­lished items will re­ceive se­lected EQUUS merchandis­e. walk a por­tion of their meal into their bed­ding and waste it. For these horses, look into us­ing a “slow feeder” hay bag or net that only al­lows them to pull small amounts of for­age free at a time. Not only might this keep the wastage down, but it can im­prove your horse’s di­ges­tive health by ex­tend­ing the amount of time he has hay in front of him each day.

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