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look for la­bel­ing that shows the 3%) cer­til­ca­tion mark with the !34-num­ber & 4his in­di­cates that the hel­met is tested and c er tiled fo ruse in horse­back riding

s 4 ry on dif­fer­ent mod­els and choose one th a tl ts your head com­fort­ably some peo­ple s heads are rounder and some are more oval -ost hel­mets to­day come with ad Just able lt ting sys­tems but its best to start out with a hel­met that is closer to your nat­u­ral shape &or on­line shop­pers look for mea­sur­ing in­struc­tions on the man­u­fac­turer s site 7 hen shop­ping for a new hel­met its also a good idea to style your hair as you will when you ride pony­tails o roth erhu pd osv may af­fect the lt

s -ake sure the Jaw strap can be se­curely fas­tened so it touches the skin) ts also a good idea to make sure you can open and close the clasp quickly and eas­ily it will be less tempt­ing to ride off with it dan­gling

s/nc ethe hel­met is lt ted and se­cured make sure its its level from front to back 9our eye­brows should move with the hel­met if you rock it front to back !lso check that it can­not be shifted or rocked out of po­si­tion ei­ther front to back or side to side

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