PROS: ab­sorbent; un­palat­able to horses CONS: may re­quire more fre­quent muck­ing; dif­fi­cult to move with a wheel­bar­row

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Pa­per has sev­eral prop­er­ties that can make for good bed­ding. “Some peo­ple use card­board waste from man­u­fac­tur­ing plants that cut out card­board boxes,” says Cole­man. “Small pieces can make nice bed­ding, and it’s ab­sorbent, and the horses won’t eat it.”

None­the­less, he says, “You don’t see pa­per bed­ding used much any­more. Part of the rea­son is that it was hard to deal with. If you take it out in a wheel­bar­row and a breeze comes up, it might blow all over. Sourc­ing was also a prob­lem un­less you were close to a place to get it.”

Shred­ded news­pa­pers have al­ways had mixed re­views. “An ar­gu­ment against [news]pa­per is that it tends to get wet fairly quickly,” says Nielsen. “When you first put it in a stall it can look very good, but af­ter it gets wet it is soggy and darker, and the print­ing ink can make a light-col­ored horse look dirty.”

De­spite its draw­backs, Nielsen says he has met some peo­ple who love pa­per bed­ding. “I think it de­pends on how deep you are bed­ding a stall, how of­ten you are chang­ing it, etc. Some peo­ple have dis­cov­ered tech­niques that work well.”

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