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Read­ing “When Finders Are Not Keep­ers,” (EQUUS 494) brought tears to my eyes. Some­times, ap­par­ently, “finders“be­come keep­ers and my beau­ti­ful horse fell vic­tim to ex­actly that sit­u­a­tion. I would like to share my story with other rid­ers and stress the im­por­tance of vis­i­ble, non-re­mov­able iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of your horse.

In May of 2016 we lost my beloved Ara­bian geld­ing Blaze af­ter my hus­band fell off and broke his leg. I was pony­ing Blaze back to camp when he pulled back. The snap on his lead broke and he calmly trot­ted off, never to be seen again.

De­spite do­ing all the right things, we were never able to re­cover him. The lo­cal sher­iff’s depart­ment was not much help; all the rid­ers in camp searched for four days. We so­licited the help of lo­cal news­pa­pers and on­line me­dia. We put up fly­ers and went doorto-door. Not even NetPosse was able to help us find Blaze. I of­fered a re­ward with­out suc­cess. As a last-ditch ef­fort, I set up a page on Face­book ded­i­cated to tips and leads. Blaze is still miss­ing.

Through­out this or­deal, the most com­mon ques­tion I have en­coun­tered was: “Does your horse have any vis­i­ble iden­ti­fi­ca­tion?” Sadly, Blaze did not. Yes, he has a mi­crochip and DNA on file, but that just does not work as a de­ter­rent for a po­ten­tial thief.

I know Blaze is out there some­where. I just hope who­ever has him is tak­ing good care of him. Blaze was my friend and he was fam­ily. He car­ried me hun­dreds of miles, moved across the coun­try with us and was al­ways there to lis­ten qui­etly when no one else would. Janeta Carr Jef­fer­son City, Mis­souri

I have two ob­ser­va­tions about your ar­ti­cle on estray horses. First, noth­ing was said about mi­crochips. My herd has been chipped for over 20 years. They do not have tat­toos or brands. Please have the horse scanned for chips. Also, most horses who are picked up by the author­i­ties in my area end up in the slaugh­ter auc­tion if not claimed at the end of 12 months. Most are not res­cued. Lynn How­land Maple Val­ley, Washington

GONE: Blaze trot­ted off af­ter a mishap on the trail and is still miss­ing.

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