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Draft in­flu­ence is quite ev­i­dent in the Shiek son Nick S., foaled about 1922. A com­pact horse stand­ing less than 14 hands but very heavy for his height, Nick S. was out of a mare called Old Sor­rel, she by Bob H. by Old Fred. Old Fred had draft ances­try but Bob H. is halfThor­ough­bred. Old Sor­rel is out of Babe by Wild Cat by Jim Ned, Wil­liam An­son’s fa­vorite stal­lion. Wild Cat is out of an anony­mous An­son mare and thus prob­a­bly also has draft ances­try (see “Hard Times Bring Big Changes,” EQUUS 496, for anal­y­sis of the An­son breed­ing pro­gram). I have cleaned and re­touched this faded old photo to bring out de­tails. Note the steep pelvic an­gle, heavy crested neck, and thick mane and tail, all char­ac­ter­is­tic of horses with draft ances­try. A charm­ing, sub­stan­tial, sound and use­ful in­di­vid­ual, Nick S. sired a few good brood­mares but func­tioned mainly as his owner’s fa­vorite ride.

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