Golden McDonald (also called Cason McDonald), foaled 1907. This handsome stallion with flashy chestnut coloration and blond mane and tail is the type of gaited horse that was favored throughout the South before the Civil War (compare to the foundation­al Quarter Horse Young Roebuck in EQUUS 473, “America’s

Major Horse Breeds Emerge”). The hindquarte­rs are very powerful, and the back is short, broad and strong—suitable for carrying a full-sized rider for hours at a time without fatigue. The neck is beautifull­y formed and the head noble in shape; the expression is curious, intelligen­t and cheerful.

Moss Rose with Cyrus Clark up. This was Clark and Potts’ chief saddle stallion when Tom Bass first came to work for them. By the very beautiful Montrose, Moss Rose is conformed similarly to Golden McDonald, and like him blends Denmark’s Thoroughbr­ed sireline with many crosses to imported Janus (the Quarter Horse foundation sire) as well as to Black Hawk and Justin Morgan.

Jack O’ Diamonds. This horse has the sort of conformati­on that was still typical of American Saddlebred­s as late as the 1970s: tall, refined and yet substantia­l, with sufficient width of breast, a shapely, muscular neck that is fine and long but not excessivel­y so; broad, strong back and coupling, broad hips, deep chest, moderate pelvic slope, long muscular thigh; correctly articulate­d joints; well-shaped hooves; and a full tail carried naturally in a lovely rainbow arch. The expression is curious, open and highly intelligen­t.

Marshall Chief, foaled 1906. Tom Bass trained this horse, but by the time this photo was taken in 1912 the handsome black had become the property of Bass’s friend Curtis “Jumps” Cauthorn who is riding him here. Note the stallion’s great depth and breadth of chest, broad hips and coupling, short back and huge shoulder. Cauthorn has him going in the old, authentic “slow gait,” which was not just a slow version of the rack but differing from it in the timing of the footfalls (compare to Tom Bass racking on Forest King, for example. Slow gait and Spanish walk are very similar).

 ??  ?? Moss Rose
Moss Rose
 ??  ?? Golden McDonald
Golden McDonald
 ??  ?? Marshall Chief
Marshall Chief
 ??  ?? Jack O’ Diamonds
Jack O’ Diamonds

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