Sir Peter Teazle is one of the most beautiful Thoroughbr­eds ever conceived. Foaled in 1784 and by Highflyer, he is out of a mare named Papillon who traces in sire-line to Flying Childers. His tail-female goes back to Bartlett’s Bleeding Childers and the Godolphin horse. Significan­tly, he also has two interior lines to *Fox, an important early sire of American ambler-gallopers.

Highflyer is the ancestor of a lineage of sires important in the formation of the Saddlebred. Foaled in 1774, he is by Herod out of Rachel, who traces in sire-line to the Godolphin horse. His tail-female goes to a high concentrat­ion of Hobby, so it is not surprising that he sired amblergall­opers.

*Hedgeford, whose name is frequently found in the root pedigrees of Saddlebred­s, was foaled in England in 1825 and imported to America in 1832 by William Jackson, who stood him in Kentucky until the stallion’s death in 1840. This print, done in the style of Edward Troye, displays all the distortion­s peculiar to the equestrian art of the day: the neck is finer, the head smaller, the hindquarte­rs larger, and the limbs and hooves much more delicate than they really were. Nonetheles­s, the central message is successful­ly conveyed: Hedgeford was a beautiful horse with powerful hindquarte­rs, a short, broad back, correctly articulate­d knees and hocks, and a well-shaped and well-carried neck. Hedgeford is by Filho da Puta, a grandson of Sir Peter Teazle, and out of

Miss Craigie who traces in sire-line to Eclipse. His tail-female however, goes multiple times to the Godolphin horse and hobby.

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