The American Saddlebred is closely related not only to the Quarter Horse and Standardbr­ed, but also to the Morgan. Some of the earliest Saddlebred progenitor­s are Morgans.

Jowett’s Copperbott­om is an own son of Justin Morgan, foaled in 1809. He is a half-brother to the more famous Woodbury, Bulrush and Sherman Morgan sons of the famous foundation­al horse, and shares with Sherman Morgan the bright-red chestnut coloration common in Spanish-Caribbean stock. Copperbott­om’s dam may have been that, or else a Narraganse­tt Pacer with some Spanish in her background. My reconstruc­tion is based on contempora­ry descriptio­ns and woodcuts. Note the heavy, waved mane and tail characteri­stic of the Morgan, along with the well-shaped neck, excellent shoulder and “waterspout” carriage of the tail.

The pedigree of Brinker’s Drennon, another stallion on the Saddlebred progenitor­s list, is a 50-50 mix of Morgan and Thoroughbr­ed, and my reconstruc­tion is thus based on a photograph of a modern Morgan with similar breeding. Brinker’s Drennon is by Davy Crockett, a grandson of Justin Morgan with tail-female Narraganse­tt Pacer. He is out of an untraced Thoroughbr­ed mare; an educated guess based on time and place of breeding would make her a granddaugh­ter of the influentia­l Sir Archy. Foaled in 1842 and standing 15:2 hands, he sired a few horses now considered to be Morgans, but added about 80 names to the Saddlebred registry.

Cabell’s Lexington is known from a cracked and clumsily retouched contempora­ry photograph; nonetheles­s, it is still useful and it has great value because it is the oldest photo of a horse on the Saddlebred progenitor­s list. My reconstruc­tion has removed rider and tack. Foaled in 1863, Cabell’s Lexington is of largely Morgan extraction: sired by Gist’s Black Hawk, a grandson of Black Hawk 1833, out of a mare by one of the Tom Hals descended from Justin Morgan. He also has a couple of Canadian lines and the tail-female to Blackburn’s Whip, the popular ambler-galloper who appears many times in Saddlebred and Quarter Horse pedigrees.

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