The Goldilocks Ex­pe­ri­ence

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Is it pos­si­ble to write an en­tire col­umn about buy­ing a new bed? Well, we’re all about to find out. To set the scene, about four-anda-half years ago when my daugh­ter and I moved from our very small house into a much larger one where we be­came house­mates with a long­time friend, we each brought our beds with us. My daugh­ter’s was pretty new; mine was okay but a lit­tle bit older. Flash for­ward to just a few months ago when my daugh­ter of­fi­cially moved out – and left her bed be­hind. Gra­ciously, she said I could have it if I wanted, since it was in bet­ter shape than mine.

Du­ti­fully, I tried it for a cou­ple of weeks to see if I should get rid of mine and move hers in to my room. Prob­lem be­ing, it had a pil­low top mat­tress and that is not some­thing that al­lows me a rest­ful night’s sleep. I just kept feel­ing like I was get­ting swal­lowed up and could not find a com­fort­able spot. The dog, of course, loved it but still man­aged to take up most of the space so I was sleep­ing un­com­fort­ably curled up in one cor­ner of the bed.

Back I went to my room and my old bed, which, now that I was fix­at­ing on it, started to feel re­ally lumpy and un­com­fort­able as well. The dog – a Mal­tese that you could fit into an over­sized hand­bag – con­tin­ued to take up two-thirds of the mat­tress area on a nightly ba­sis.

Long story short, I knew my daugh­ter’s bed wouldn’t work for me, I knew that get­ting a new one was prob­a­bly a good idea; my house­mate was think­ing she prob­a­bly should get a new one too, as hers was around 10-years-old. Then, her four-year-old grand­daugh­ter men­tioned that, now that my daugh­ter’s room was not be­ing lived in, it prob­a­bly should be turned into a ‘new’ room.

Not a bad plan; my room­mate has two grand­daugh­ters, the four-yearold and the other one 16 months old, and it seemed rea­son­able to tran­si­tion the un­used room into a ‘guest room’ for them or other visi­tors. Orig­i­nally, we thought we would just keep my daugh­ter Ally’s bed in there, since the girls can def­i­nitely share it as they get older.

So we planned to get rid of my bed, get rid of an older bed in a spare room, move my room­mate’s old bed into the spare room, and keep Ally’s bed in her old room which would then be­come the new guest/grand­daugh­ter’s room. Got it? Ex­cept the old bed in the spare room was ac­tu­ally pretty new; we had a ran­dom even older mat­tress and box spring in the garage that we needed to get rid of and we de­cided my room­mate’s old bed would pro­vide a larger bed in Ally’s old room for the grand­kids or oc­ca­sional out of town visi­tors. Ally’s bed ul­ti­mately went to the daugh­ter of a good friend, so we know it will be used and ap­pre­ci­ated.

Oh, and in be­tween all this con­fu­sion and re­ar­rang­ing of fur­ni­ture, my room­mate and I went out and spent the bet­ter part of two week­end af­ter­noons pre­tend­ing to be Goldilocks and try­ing out all the dif­fer­ent va­ri­eties of beds, from soft to medium to firm mat­tresses of all sizes and price points. No mat­ter what I tried, I kept com­ing back to the same one – a firm, which my daugh­ter promptly pro­nounced as feel­ing like you were sleep­ing on ply­wood. Yup, noth­ing too cushy for me. And the dog doesn’t seem to mind.

My room­mate ended up with a su­per deluxe medium model that fea­tures the abil­ity to el­e­vate your head or feet and comes with a night­light (good for breath­ing through al­ler­gies and read­ing in bed) and – since there were all sorts of La­bor Day deals to be had – in­cludes a mas­sage fea­ture as well. I didn’t go quite that far … maybe next time.

I’m just happy to not sink in when I’m try­ing to sleep.

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