Esquire (USA) : 2020-06-01



Young Again Back in 1974, Neil Young recorded what his label was absolutely sure would be an album stacked with hits. Young was certainly in the market for a few— and his two previous LPs, hadn’t fared well with fans. But a de facto musical companion to 1972’s behemoth written in the wake of his breakup with girlfriend Carrie Snodgress, was never released—until now. “It was a little too personal,” Young said in 1975 of the decision in an interview with “It scared me.” He echoed the sentiment recently as he announced the plan for the legendary work to emerge: “It’s the sad side of a love affair. The damage done. The heartache. I just couldn’t listen to it. I wanted to move on.” Seven of the 12 songs had never been released before in any studio album, including “Separate Ways,” a pedal-steel-laden lament for the lonely, and the devastatin­g “Try,” which adapts some of Snodgress’s actual phrases into lyrics. And as has long been rumored, the record features both the Band’s Levon Helm and Dr. John acolyte Karl T. Himmel on drums, plus Emmylou Harris on backing vocals. All the tracks were painstakin­gly mastered to vinyl from the original analog tapes. To listen to them is to finally hear one of the necessary building blocks of one of American music’s finest catalogs. Time Fades Away the Beach, On Homegrown, Harvest Rolling Stone. CHEERS. —Madison Vain 13