Esquire (USA) : 2020-06-01

20 LIVES, 20 PERSPECTIV­ES : 56 : 56


THE BIG-STATE LEADER JAY INSLEE Olympia, Washington State population Date of the first confirmed COVID-19 case in the U. S., a thirty-five-year-old man in Snohomish County 7.6 MILLION: JANUARY 21: AFTER OXYGEN, NOW WE’RE PHYSICALLY WE’VE HAD THERE SEEMS TO YOU ALWAYS THINK 20 LIVES, 20 PERSPECTIV­ES “Fire Brigade,” which Inslee, a doodler, drew on planning documents before his April 21 announceme­nt about mass testing and contact tracing, a process that he’s compared to a fire brigade. “Grandson,” a portrait of the governor’s grandson Chase. The whole family keeps in touch via daily video chats. Top: LET ME GIVE Bottom: LOOK, THERE’S ENORMOUS WHAT WE’RE THE OTHER 99.8 LEARNING —As told to Eric Sullivan NOW, THAT SHOWS 56 SUMMER 2020