Esquire (USA) : 2020-06-01

20 LIVES, 20 PERSPECTIV­ES : 58 : 58


THE TEACHER AKELA LEACH Tulsa Number of students enrolled in Tulsa public schools Percentage who are economical­ly disadvanta­ged 39,105: 83%: THE EIGHTYEAR-OLD KATIE H. SECOND GRADER Winona Lake, Indiana Number of U. S. public and private schools closed for the remainder of the school year 124,000: Number of K-through-12 students now being homeschool­ed 55.1 MILLION: Katie named her new pet guinea pig Pepper. I’M GETTING MORE WE’VE BEEN DOING MOSTLY, I’VE BEEN I MOSTLY LIKE SOMETIMES I DON’T 20 LIVES, 20 PERSPECTIV­ES “I MOSTLY LIKE HOLDING MY GUI THE EXOTIC-ANIMAL VETERINARI­AN WHAT CHRISTIAN WALZER WE’RE Bronx, New York Name of the tiger that first contracted COVID-19 at WCS’s flagship park, the Bronx Zoo The number of big cats at the zoo that have tested positive (five tigers and three lions) LEARNING NADIA: EIGHT: 58 SUMMER 2020