Esquire (USA) : 2020-06-01

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There is no feel some comfort when you say, “You know what? I don’t know this, either.” They know you’re being honest. that will not happen. when you’re not being real, so because they have a lot of faith in you, you also have to show some sense of vulnerabil­ity. They do expect you to have the answers, but they also THE VIROLOGIST Kids can sense PAUL DUPREX When I speak Putting on a brave face doesn’t mean acting like everything is normal. Pittsburgh —As told to A. W. Number of vaccine efforts worldwide Typical timeline for vaccine developmen­t Goal for COVID-19 95: 10 TO 15 YEARS: Leach documented the shutdown in spring of the Tulsa public elementary school where she teaches. 12 TO 18 MONTHS: VIRUSES ARE BEAUTIFUL. Viruses are biological­ly intriguing. Viruses will always surprise us. I love viruses. I respect viruses. pursuinga vaccine stay in touch via weekly calls run by the World Health Organizati­on. It’s wonderful. And you know what? Good luck to every one of them. ALL THE GROUPS I LOVE THE FACTthatit’sarace, but I don’t care about winning. I care about participat­ing. Because things that I learn along the way might help something else get across the finish line. Duprex holds a culture plate containing the Oropuche virus, from Trinidad and Tobago, against an image on his office wall of the poliovirus. IT’S NOT A VACCINEunt­ilit’sa product. If someone says they have a vaccine right now, they don’t. They have a vaccine candidate. important word, actually. Overpromis­ing and not being honest about where you’re at is one of the most reprehensi­ble things a person can do. hope that humanity will solve this problem. Hope drives us to be creative, collaborat­ive, energetic, hardwork- IS A REALLY HOPE BUT ALSO, WE NEA PIG. THAT’S KIND OF MY COMFORT ANIMAL.” ing. And humanity has done it before. We’ve eradicated diseases, such as smallpox. We have diseases under control, such as measles and polio. The first tiger We’ve been studying thatthesci­entific community will come up with a solution. I AM CONFIDENT My father sent I haven’t seen give false hope. BUT I WON’T —As told to E. S. At the moment, “The commercial wildlife trade is quite a good system to create new virus,” Walzer says. —As told to E. S. 59 SUMMER 2020