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life is actually beautiful

Yep, the world’s been ugly lately. But sometimes a gorgeously designed object— that’s also very useful—can remind you to appreciate the little things.


1. Flos Last Order Portable Lamp It’s no accident this lamp resembles a nightcap—it was first created as an exclusive for the new Four Seasons restaurant in N. Y. C. Now offered up by Flos, the portable (it charges via USB), touch-sensitive LED casts a rich amber glow that’s perfect for setting the mood on a fancy night out or at the bar at chez moi. $495;

2. Larq Bottle When was the last time you washed that reusable water bottle you put to your lips every day? Yeah, we thought so. The Larq Bottle Movement is a lightweigh­t bottle that purifies water and cleans itself with a built-in UV-C LED light so you have one less thing to think about cleaning. From $78;

3. Osma Cold Brew Coffee Maker The time it takes to make cold brew with convention­al methods: twelve hours. The time it takes the Osma: one to two minutes. How? The device—which looks a little like a lightsaber hilt designed by Jony Ive—uses pressure and biodegrada­ble coffee pods to rapidly make a fresh, cool cuppa that’s best sipped slow and savored. $185;

4. Fritz Hansen Ikeru Vase This is the kind of vase that will turn you into a foraging flower person. In lieu of buying a bouquet, simply pick up a few nature things that catch your eye on a walk or hike and bring a bit of the outside inside. $161; fritzhanse­

1. Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell If your home is also your home gym, then you know there’s a limit to the amount of exercise equipment you can fit in the living room/bedroom/garage. Bowflex’s ingenious system takes up the space of a single weight but actually offers six kettlebell­s in one package, adjustable between eight and forty pounds. $179;

2. Made In Carbon Steel Cook Set Cooking with carbon steel is kind of magical—it can take high temperatur­es like cast iron but heats up faster and is lighter. The wok shown here ($99) is the must-have, as high, fast heat is the key to wok cooking, but you’ll want the five-piece Sous Chef set to spread that magic to your eggs, your paella, and more. $379; madeincook­

3. Hemisphere Clock When time is on your phone, computer, and smartwatch, sometimes you just want a clock that is as relaxing as looking out the window to see what part of the day you’re in. From $85;

4. Blu Dot Mimi Stool Some will look at the Mimi and say it’s clearly a stool. Others will claim that it’s

an end table. A few might think it works best as a footrest. You might have a couple people use it as an impromptu spot to charge a cell phone, perch a cocktail, or stash some weed. Guess what: They’re all correct. $449;

5. John Elliott x Kuumba Incense Holder Most incense holders: drab, brown, mass-produced in a nameless factory. John Elliott’s incense holder: eye grabbing, yellow, designed in partnershi­p with the L. A.–based hoodie maestro and acclaimed Japanese lifestyle brand Kuumba. $38; johnelliot­

1. Epicurean x Frank Lloyd Wright Collection for Crate & Barrel It would be awesome to own a famous piece of architectu­re made by Frank Lloyd Wright. But unless you possess the bankroll to shell out for a hard-to-get Usonian home, it might be a little too pricey to scoop one up. A good starting point? This collection of kitchen tools that front some of Wright’s most striking and prominent patterns. From $16; crateandba­

2. Fellow Ode Coffee Grinder A lot of upper-echelon coffee grinders are crammed with unnecessar­y features. (See: weight-based dosing, digital screens, plastic hoppers.) The 64mm flat-burr Ode grinder ditches all that’s extraneous and amps up the smart industrial design with a black exterior and a giant dial for selecting grind consistenc­y for everything from Aero to French press. $299; fellowprod­

3. Ikea Bygglek Lego Boxes When it comes to intense pain, stepping on a Lego brick in bare feet is right up there with getting your arms ripped off by farm machinery. These storage boxes from the Swedish-meatball-andflat-pack-furniture makers at Ikea serve not only as a stylish spot to store multicolor­ed bricks but also as a base

for building elaborate Lego play sets. Your kids will love them; your feet will thank you. From $10;

4. Balmuda Toaster Just sitting on a countertop, the Balmuda toaster looks like a work of art. The fact that it can imbue anything made of starch with a brain-twisting combinatio­n of fluff and crispiness is just a bonus. $329;

Vipp452 Swivel Chair When your company tries to outfit you with a WFH Aeron chair (how kind!), push back and demand Vipp’s edition instead. The Danish maker’s first office-ready offering made with rich leather and polished aluminum will have your coworkers salivating at the next Zoom happy hour. From $1,250;

1. Areaware Goober Candle The ingredient­s we use to make candles have changed dramatical­ly over the years. Beef tallow and sperm whales: out! Paraffin and beeswax: in! But the shape of candles? Eh, that hasn’t evolved much beyond skinny and tall or short and fat. Until now. Spark up the Goober’s asymmetric­al blob and it’ll no doubt spark an interestin­g conversati­on. $24;

2. Crafthouse by Fortessa Mini Smoking Cloche There are many bartending tricks that add a little je ne sais quoi to a cocktail (salt, tinctures, esoteric bitters), but none are as theatrical and delicious as infusing your drink with a big ol’ puff of savory smoke from apple-wood chips. $150;

3. Poppin Stow File Cabinet The items we store in file cabinets are usually pretty boring: tax returns, apartment leases, expired stamps. Why shouldn’t the cabinet itself look exciting? The Poppin Stow makes the organizati­on of your affairs a Technicolo­r trip with its red, blue, and yellow handles; white facade; and brightly colored exterior. $269;

4. Areaware Doodle Crayons Normally, you wouldn’t use a work of art to, you know, actually make art. But the Doodle Crayons come in a delightful array of shapes, from circles to squiggles. And while they look like they could be on display in MoMA, don’t treat them that way. This is decor begging to be used. $7;

 ??  ?? Haand Ripple Dinner Plates in Black It doesn’t matter if you’ve been toiling for hours in the kitchen or just ordered Pizza Hut—any cuisine you place on one of these noir ceramic plates automatica­lly appears exponentia­lly more attractive. $45;
Haand Ripple Dinner Plates in Black It doesn’t matter if you’ve been toiling for hours in the kitchen or just ordered Pizza Hut—any cuisine you place on one of these noir ceramic plates automatica­lly appears exponentia­lly more attractive. $45;
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