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NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3080 Is a Beast of a Graphics Card

Whether you’re working or gaming (or both), this GPU won’t make you sacrifice performanc­e for killer visuals.


If you’re at all like me, perpetuall­y trying to find tools with all the right bells and whistles to work for both gaming and design, you’ve undoubtedl­y lost much of your life to lamenting graphics card performanc­e. You’ve probably lost even more of it weighing the benefits of upgrading or building your own PC with the price. I’ve got your fix. While a few names stick out in the graphics innovation market, few shine like NVIDIA. And nothing shows how the company earned its reputation quite like the GeForce RTX 3080, a graphics card with an immense amount of power and some cuttingedg­e operative software.

Games play beautifull­y, with no sacrifices on power.

The GeForce RTX 3080 won’t sacrifice a game’s resolution or frame rate, bringing stunning performanc­e that’s noticeable at 1440p but really starts to set in with 4K. 4K gaming is something of a touchy subject because of the assumption (based on fact) that better resolution dings frame rate and latency. The RTX 3080 doesn’t make you get sacrificia­l, due to its approach to gaming “It Boy” ray tracing and another rendering software called DLSS. NVIDIA’s extremely efficient ray tracing allows light particles to interact with objects in a space—so a neon sign reflecting in a puddle, or a magic orb shining down a hall—in out-of-this-world detail without hurting frame rate. And DLSS, which many games are starting to hop on the bandwagon for, embeds learning AI in certain titles to actively balance graphics settings and power allocation, achieving gorgeous results. Both make this one of the most powerful graphics cards for 4K gaming out there.

It’s a workhorse for anyone in a creative design job.

While it may not be as heavy duty as, say, what Pixar or a game dev uses, NVIDIA’s graphics card still sent me into shock. In apps like After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Maya, previews loaded quickly and accurately, camera and lighting tools were easier to use, and everything just generally operated faster. Overall, NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3080 blends software, hardware, and innovation in a graphics package like I’ve never seen before, for a price that is shockingly inexpensiv­e. So whether you’re trying to clap some noobs in Fortnite, edit videos, stream online, or get Cyberpunk to, at the bare minimum, work, there’s no other option for a graphics boost quite as refined or as powerful.

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