You go to bed at a nor­mal time but wake up be­fore sun­rise.

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SO­LU­TION: This could be a sign of sleep-main­te­nance in­som­nia, which means you have no prob­lem fall­ing asleep but you do have trou­ble stay­ing asleep, says Breus. The so­lu­tion is to get strict about sleep hy­giene. First, take in­ven­tory of your bed­room to make sure it’s quiet enough and you’re not be­ing awak­ened by out­side sounds. If that’s not the prob­lem, stick with a con­sis­tent bed­time rou­tine, ex­er­cise reg­u­larly dur­ing the day and limit or avoid al­co­hol since it acts as both a de­pres­sant and a stim­u­lant. “The stim­u­lant ef­fects kick in later in the me­tab­o­liz­ing process, so drinking close to bed­time can in­crease the chances you’ll fall asleep quickly but wake very early in the morn­ing,” Breus says. If you can’t get a grip on this pat­tern on your own, CBT-I can help.

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