Kids will get real thrills with tales of par­al­lel uni­verses, aliens, ro­bots, and more! These new sci-fi ti­tles of­fer a glimpse of what could be pos­si­ble … some­day.


Out-of-this­world sci-fi books

1. A Prob­lem­atic Para­dox by Eliot Sap­ping­field

Nikola Krauss is more adept at pro­gram­ming drones than mak­ing friends at lunchtime. But when she finds her­self in a school on a dis­tant planet, she has to learn to use her tal­ents for good. Ages 10 and up, G. P. Put­nam’s Sons Books for Young Read­ers, $17

2. Red­world: Year One by A. L. Collins, il­lus­trated by Tomis­lav Tikulin

Forced to leave re­source-de­pleted Earth, Belle Song and her fam­ily set out for a promis­ing new life on Mars. But they’ll soon learn that not ev­ery­thing about life on an alien planet is easy. Ages 9 to 14, Cap­stone Young Read­ers, $9

3. How Os­car In­digo Broke the Uni­verse (and Put It Back To­gether Again) by David Teague

Os­car In­digo fi­nally gets a chance to bat in the big game—then fakes a home run for the win thanks to a time-stop­ping watch. What en­sues is com­plete chaos fol­lowed by one im­por­tant moral: Cheat­ing never pays. Ages 8 to 12,

Harper­collins, $17

4. Pig­sticks and Harold Lost in Time! by Alex Mil­way

Two pigs take a spin in a time ma­chine and find them­selves stuck in the past, tak­ing read­ers through Cleopa­tra’s Egypt and a Vik­ing vil­lage be­fore jet­ting ahead for a look at the fu­ture. Ages 5 to 9, Can­dlewick, $13

5. The Care and Feed­ing of a Pet Black Hole by Michelle Cuevas

What’s it like in­side a black hole? Armed with a walkie-talkie, a bear whis­tle, and her own cu­rios­ity, 11-year-old Stella Ro­driguez is about to find out ex­actly what lies in the dark­ness. Ages 8 to 12, Dial Books for Young Read­ers, $17

6. The Art of the Swap by Kris­tine As­selin and Jen Malone

The pos­si­bil­ity of swap­ping bod­ies has en­thralled read­ers since the days of Freaky Fri­day. But this fast-paced mys­tery ex­pands the stakes with a romp through time. Will 12-year-old Mag­gie get stuck in the wrong decade for­ever? Ages 8 to 12, Aladdin, $17

7. If You Had a Jet­pack by Lisl H. Detlef­sen, il­lus­trated by Linzie Hunter

This charm­ing ad­ven­ture, fea­tur­ing bunnies with jet­packs, gives wannabe fly­ers plenty of pos­si­bil­i­ties to imag­ine be­hind their sleepy eye­lids at bed­time: vis­it­ing Nana, soar­ing up to the Space Sta­tion—even hob­nob­bing with aliens. Ages 4 to 8, Knopf Books for Young Read­ers, $18

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