Easy ways to get kids on board with this veg­gie

Did you know that as­para­gus can grow up to 6 inches in just one day?! And while that is ob­vi­ously su­per­cool, kids might not yet un­der­stand the ap­peal of ac­tu­ally eat­ing it. To help win them over, try these tasty ideas. COOK IT UP

First Bite CRISPY AS­PARA­GUS FRIES 1. Dip some trimmed as­para­gus in all-pur­pose flour, beaten egg, and a mix of grated Parme­san and panko.

2. Place on a greased bak­ing sheet and bake at 450°F for 8 to 10 min­utes.

3. Serve with ketchup or mayo. Se­cond Try AS­PARA­GUS FRIED RICE

1. In a non­stick skil­let, heat 1 Tbs.

veg­etable oil over medium-high heat.

Add 1 tsp. each minced gar­lic and minced fresh gin­ger. Cook 30 sec­onds.

2. Add 1 bunch as­para­gus, chopped. Cook for 4 min­utes. Add 2 cups cold left­over rice and 2 Tbs. soy sauce.

3. When warm, push to the side and scram­ble an egg. Stir and serve driz­zled with toasted sesame oil. Third Time AS­PARA­GUS FO­CAC­CIA

1. Ar­range squares of pur­chased fo­cac­cia on a foil-lined bak­ing sheet.

2. Coat the bot­tom of a skil­let with olive oil over medium heat. Add

chopped as­para­gus and gar­lic and cook un­til just ten­der, about 4 min­utes.

3. Top fo­cac­cia with gar­licky as­para­gus, shred­ded moz­zarella,

and grated Parm.

4. Bake at 450°F for 6 to 8 min­utes to melt cheese and warm through. Op­tion: Serve with warm mari­nara for dip­ping.

SCI­ENCE OF SMELL A re­cent study showed that 40 per­cent of us can smell “as­para­gus pee.” If your kids love to be grossed out, chal­lenge them to eat their spears and test their noses!

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