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These are the best picks for a silly fam­ily game night.


Bring all the fun and hi­lar­ity of Ap­ples to Ap­ples to the younger crowd! Play­ers will go crazy mak­ing zany com­par­isons. Ages 9 and up, Mat­tel, $18


Think of it as wacky Pic­tionary: The per­son draw­ing has to wear funny glasses that make it hard to see. The doo­dles are in­sane and ter­ri­ble, but ev­ery­one still has to guess! Ages 7 and up, Go­liath Games, $17


Take turns at­tach­ing a clue card to your head­band while team mem­bers fran­ti­cally try to act it out be­fore time is up. Ages 7 and up, Spin Master Ltd., $14


Read­ing aloud while wear­ing a plas­tic mouth­piece isn’t easy. But it sure is goofy! You win if some­one guesses what you say. Ages 16 and up, Has­bro, $20 UT­TER NON­SENSE! FAM­ILY EDI­TION

Each per­son must im­pro­vise silly say­ings while us­ing voices dic­tated by spe­cific ac­cent cards (Chew­bacca, News An­chor, Tired, Grandma). Ages 8 and up, Ut­ter Non­sense, LLC, $40

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