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What You’ll Need

Card­stock Craft paint Two 7-oz. clear plas­tic drink­ing cups Glue Craft knife LED tea light

1. Trim card­stock to 8x5 in. Have the kids paint a de­sign on one side. Let paint dry com­pletely.

2. Cut out the bot­tom of one cup. Add a line of glue around the mouth of each cup and seal to­gether. The open bot­tom should be at the top. Let dry.

3. On the back of the card­stock, draw a hor­i­zon­tal line ½ in. from each short edge. Draw ver­ti­cal lines ½ in. apart be­tween the hor­i­zon­tal lines.

4. Cut each ver­ti­cal line with a craft knife, us­ing a ruler as a guide. Be sure your cuts do not ex­tend be­yond the hor­i­zon­tal lines; there should be a ½-in. band at each short edge.

5. Add glue to one short edge. Wrap around the bot­tom of the cup struc­ture. Let dry. Gen­tly press down on the card­stock so the strips bow out. Glue top edge in place. Let dry.

6. Cut an 8-in.-long, ½-in.-wide strip of card­stock for a han­dle; glue the ends in­side the top edge. Let dry.

7. Add an LED light and hang.


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