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Our Natural World


Mother Nature was generous when she created this place, with its beautiful vistas and abundant wildlife. Along with the mama bear and cubs mentioned earlier, we share the land and water with:

• Elk, deer and antelope

• Mountain lions

• Badgers

• Raccoons

• Skunks

• Foxes

• Coyotes

• Ermines, mink and other weasels

• Woodchucks, muskrats and beavers

• Porcupines

• Cottontail­s and jack rabbits

• Rattlesnak­es

• Sharp-tailed and blue grouse

• Sandhill cranes

• Canada geese and other waterfowl

• Smaller songbirds

We are honored that God has entrusted us with the responsibi­lity of admiring and looking after these wild creatures.

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