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Whip up a home­made ud­der salve that’s sooth­ing to dairy herds and peo­ple’s hands.


ON JILL WINGER’S WY­OMING HOME­STEAD, her fam­ily knows that their Brown Swiss milk cow, Oak­ley, just might be the hard­est­work­ing mem­ber of the team—at least among those liv­ing in the barn. In search of some TLC for Oak­ley, Jill came up with a soft, fra­grant home­made ud­der salve she likes bet­ter than the store­bought type. “Bonus,” Jill says of the balm. “Works like a charm for hu­man hands, too.” Jill says to start by melt­ing ½ ounce beeswax in a dou­ble boiler, then to add 1 ounce each of shea but­ter and co­conut oil. Stir un­til melted; add 3 ounces olive oil and re­move from the heat. Cool slightly and add 2 drops each of laven­der and me­laleuca (tea tree) es­sen­tial oils. Store in a small con­tainer and ap­ply daily to cow and goat ud­ders af­ter milk­ing. Jill rec­om­mends keep­ing the salve in­side, as it will freeze solid in cold tem­per­a­tures in the barn.


Jill Winger lives 45 min­utes from the near­est gro­cery store on a 67-acre home­stead out­side of Cheyenne, Wy­oming, where she and her hus­band raise nearly ev­ery­thing they and their three chil­dren eat. She says she rel­ishes it all—even the rat­tlesnakes and...

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